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Domestic Production Activities Deduction

The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 produced a powerful new tax  incentive for U.S. production activities as a replacement to the Export  Tax Incentives that were repealed in response to an international trade  dispute between the U.S, and its global trading partners.

Realizing the need for a comprehensive software and service capability  to maximize the available tax savings – our firm has established an  impressive record of serving top-tier clients throughout the United  States.  The common link between domestic production activities deduction  and the foreign tax credit limitation is the  consistent application of the Section 861-8 allocation and apportionment regulations.

We are the only firm that provides the tools to balance the benefits of foreign tax credit utilization and maximizing the DPAD within a single software application available for direct client use.  Our combined data processing and tax domain expertise allows us to provide exceptional value tailored to meet each client’s needs.