A Dynamic Tax Planning and Analysis for Multinational Corporations

VantagePoint allows you to quickly evaluate the consequences of business decisions and circumstances that impact your global effective tax rate and multi-jurisdictional tax liabilities. VantagePoint’s e-File capability is IRS approved for international tax forms and is designed to augment widely used tax compliance software.

Collaborative Platform

Manage contributions from your international network of tax professionals through a secure, web-based platform, increasing efficiency and productivity. Our collaborative platform:

  • Supports real-time analysis when interfaced with ERP and financial reporting systems
  • Leverages existing financial information
  • Eliminates redundant data entry with fewer errors and higher quality solutions in less time

Intuitive Interface

VantagePoint’s user interfaces closely mirrors analysis and reporting methods used by seasoned tax planners. Organization structure charts are created in the system based on the information within a scenario and reflect entity and group level ETR’s, along with related party interest, rents, royalties and dividend distribution transactions. What-if changes can be easily tracked and identified within these charts.

Key management level reports such as Effective Tax Rate reports and Scenario Comparison reports allow for high level analysis and quick identification of significant rate changers.

Powerful Capabilities

International Tax Planning
VantagePoint adds value to your global tax analysis through repatriation planning, international structuring, debt placement, cross-border cash utilization and transfer pricing planning. The ability to copy and run multiple scenarios based on an entity’s tax attributes provide results in an efficient, accurate manner.

VantagePoint has multiple applications throughout the tax planning function. Calculations are specifically designed for cross-border tax planning and quantitative “what if” analysis for a number of issues, such as:

  • Repatriation – What is the tax cost considering withholding taxes? Considering Sub–Part F? Considering foreign tax credit positions? What is the impact of repatriation, considering earnings and profits pools, tax pools and the like?
  • Debt placement – What happens if I use an Irish finance company and lend money to Spain? What is the impact of that inter-company loan?
  • Transfer pricing – What if I change my transfer prices on product sales from the U.S. to the U.K.; what does it do to my global effective tax rate?
  • FIN 48 – How do I quantify the uncertainty related to a specific position? What is the impact if an uncertain tax position is rejected?
  • Controversy cases – VantagePoint analysis can be used to help negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities.

Tax Attribute Management
Access to historical attributes provides integrity and reliability to the system’s computations. You can store, track and access historical tax attributes such as tax basis, net operating losses, foreign tax credit carry-forwards, foreign earnings and profits, and tax pools by layer year, including previously taxed income, and customary and client-specific statutory, GAAP, and tax adjustments.

Multiyear, multi-jurisdictional data is stored in a secure environment that is accessible 24/7 to tax team members throughout the organization. Ready access to tax data allows you to:

  • Save time
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance compliance
  • Reduce risk