Global tax optimization is the process of achieving and communicating the best right tax result at the lowest practicable cost. We say best right because a variety of controllable factors can and will impact the amount of taxes attributable to business operations. Tax consequences must be communicated to management, investors and governments. The world is getting smaller and the demand for transparency continues to increase.

Tax minimization, efficiency, and transparency are harmonious tax optimization objectives. Achieving optimization for a multinational enterprise requires people with the requisite skills, well-executed processes, and sophisticated technology. Many software platforms are designed to meet specific tax compliance, provision or planning needs and do not completely fill the crucial global tax optimization requirements. As international tax planners, Forte has long recognized the gaps in existing technology platforms and responded by designing VantagePoint™, which specifically meets the complex needs of its multinational client base.

VantagePoint is a software as a service (“SaaS”) that satisfies a wide range of global tax optimization objectives unique among multinational enterprises. It eliminates data redundancy by utilizing a single database to support international tax planning, provision, and compliance. It can also be used to support the country-by-country (“CbC”) reporting recently approved by the OECD and G20 in response to the worldwide focus on base erosion and profit shifting (“BEPS”).