In light of BEPS and the new Trump/House repatriation proposals, tax planning is more important than ever. There are up to $2.5 trillion dollars that could be repatriated over the next 3 years and hundreds of billions of tax assets that might go unused unless companies properly test and execute the proper tax strategy. In order to properly plan, companies need to see the full impact of structural changes, utilizing credits and deductions, intercompany transactions and how this affects E&P pools and international return calculations globally. Companies using excel spreadsheets obtain a high-level view of the tax impact, but the devil is in the details. Companies deserve accurate, eas-to-understand reports with actionable information at their fingertips.

The answer is VantagePoint – the most complete and easy to use global tax planning tool on the marketplace. VantagePoint Global Tax Software has a detailed international modeling tool for BEPS and repatriation with pre-canned Trump and House proposal modeling scenarios. These planning scenarios interact with complex tax calculations (E&P, Foreign Tax Credit, Subpart F, Domestic Production Activities Deduction, IC-DISC) and provide easy modeling of tax pools and tax adjustments. VantagePoint immediately shows the impact of tax planning (Repatriation, BEPS, Transfer Pricing) in one overview across all tax types and calculates a global effective tax rate. For the next 2 years, getting tax planning right is essential, and Forte’s product is used by Fortune 1000 companies and Top 100 CPA firms as the trusted solution.

Accounting Today says, “Forte International Tax has earned an Honorable Mention for its Vantage Point 4.3 by adding a detailed international modeling tool covering the repatriation proposals of the Trump administration and others so that users can begin creating planning scenarios to make the most (or minimize the worst) of whatever gets enacted.”

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