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Enacted in 1984 as a deferral mechanism for small exporters, today’s  Interest-Charge DISC gives exporters a permanent tax savings resulting  from a reduction in the tax rate on qualified dividends.

Our professionals have experience leading the export incentives practices at  the largest global accounting firms and we provide comprehensive IC-DISC services from entity creation through maximization of available tax  savings.

Maximizing Tax Savings

Maximizing tax savings involve three distinct aspects:

Our professionals employ powerful tools to maximize the tax savings  available under the  administrative pricing rules designed by the U.S. Congress—including transactional analysis. The firm delivers a  complete and detailed audit trail from the client’s books and records
through the preparation of IRS Form 1120 IC-DISC.

Comprehensive Implementation

We handle all aspects of forming and managing the IC-DISC,  from inception through optimization of tax savings, including:

  • Assistance in choosing an optimal holding structure;
  • Organizing a corporation;
  • Providing board resolutions and DISC export agreements to document the DISC activities; and
  • Annual Management and Accounting Services.

Our professionals assist clients in using these and  other planning solutions to best meet their tax needs.