Global Tax Structuring

As companies expand globally, they often need advice on how to plan their foreign operations and international business structures to minimize tax costs. U.S. tax legislation provides many tools to assist  companies in managing their global tax costs, but navigating these complex rules can be challenging.

Our professionals specialize in:

  • Planning and implementing international organizational structures of varying size and complexity, including the establishment of holding company structures;
  • Structuring cross-border transactions;
  • Subpart F planning;
  • Advising and planning for foreign sales and mergers and acquisitions; and
  • Planning and implementing post-acquisition restructuring.

We deliver innovative international tax planning advice and solutions to multinational companies by:

  • Planning cross border structures, taking into account the unique issues of C corporations, S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies; and
  • Understanding and advising on the unique tax issues faced by foreign-owned businesses in planning their U.S. operations.

Our professionals recognize that business goals drive tax planning and use a forward thinking approach to achieve clients’ international tax planning goals.