Transfer Pricing

Using a single point of entry, VantagePoint fully integrates transfer pricing with international tax calculations.

VantagePoint integrates transfer pricing with international tax calculations, providing a single point of entry for:

• BEPS Country-by-Country Reporting
• Subpart F and Look-through Computations
• Compliance Software
• Global Tax Planning Needs

VantagePoint is specifically designed to help companies manage their global effective tax rate considering their multinational supply chain. Intercompany transactions are entered once and the system fully integrates both transfer pricing and income tax considerations. For example, integration includes BEPS CbCR, IRS Form 8975, Form 5471 Schedule M, Subpart F, look-through, and BEAT.

Finish Strong with Great Results  
Multinational tax competition has been driving down corporate income tax rates while anti-base erosion measures are steadily increasing. The G20/OECD BEPS initiative continues to gain momentum following the implementation of the Country-by-Country Reporting in 2016. As part of the TCJA, the U.S. has enacted IRC Section 59A, the Base Erosion Anti-Avoidance Tax (“BEAT”) on base erosion payments of domestic corporations with gross receipts of at least $500 million.

The tax is equal to 10% (5% for 2018 tax years) of the taxpayers’ modified taxable income (“MTI”). MTI is determined by making specific adjustments to the taxpayers taxable income, especially otherwise deductible payments to related foreign persons.

VantagePoint’s single integrated global tax database is ideally suited for meeting the complex international tax planning and compliance needs of multinational enterprises.

Recalculate GILTI, FDII, Subpart F, Tested Income and FTC with a Single Push of a Button.

Simply perform “what-if” analysis on any number of alternative scenarios.

Benefit from unlimited system access throughout the implementation process.