Sustainable Tax Savings + Process Improvements

An industry leader in international tax and technology, Forte works with each client to drive efficiency and achieve superior results.

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Tax Savings

Our mission is to deliver sustainable tax savings and process improvements to our clients using significant international tax expertise in conjunction with the most advanced, versatile, and powerful global tax software tool in the industry. Learn more about Forte and our history.
We focus specifically on those areas of international taxation that have the greatest impact on U.S. based multinationals, using our proprietary software, VantagePoint™, to maximize available tax savings. We closely monitor legislation and model the impact of international tax reform, including repatriation and transfer pricing.

VantagePoint: Best-in-Class

Our proprietary software VantagePoint™ is not like applications that are designed primarily to produce tax compliance forms. It has the ability to analyze multiple what-if scenarios with the objective of achieving the optimal level of sustainable tax savings. VantagePoint is developed, supported, and delivered to international tax professionals by international tax professionals.