Most frequent questions and answers

Intercompany transactions are only entered once in VantagePoint and their impact is simultaneously accounted for the following purposes:

BEPS CbCR, Trasfer Pricing Analytics, Subpart F and Look-through Rules, Forms 8975, 5471, 8858 and 8865, Global Effective Tax Rate

  • Forte’s professionals have led Big Four international tax practices and their tax technology groups; and
  • Have developed and utilize VantagePoint, the most comprehensive international tax software; – and
  • Makes that software available for direct client use.

This marriage of expertise and software result in unmatched client value.

There are several key differences, but the first is perspective.  VantagePoint’s primary objective is global tax optimization and is not strictly U.S. focused.  Other specific differences are:

  • One single tax calculation database meaning that U.S. federal and international and non-U.S. tax computations are applied simultaneously – this is critically important for BEPS CbCR, transfer pricing analytics, repatriation planning, and GILTI/FDII computations.
  • VantagePoint simplifies the process of performing what-if analysis and direct comparison of alternative scenarios.
  • VantagePoint pricing is based on the modules used and is not dependent on the number of foreign corporations being processed.

Yes – VantagePoint has full range of IRS approved e-fileable international tax forms registered through its affiliate Global Tax Solutions.

All e-file providers have the ability to aggregate IRS approved e-fileable forms. VantagePoint licensees using VantagePoint for their international tax forms, invariably use a different provider their U.S. domestic and state returns. VantagePoint’s international tax forms, for example 8975, 5471, 8858, and 8865 are aggregated with their domestic compliance software and then transmitted directly to the IRS.

Yes – our philosophy is great knowledge (including software) – fully shared!

Populating data in VantagePoint is quick and easy with a utility that allows you to import data from a variety of external sources.

Simple export functions allow you to pull data out for quick reporting in Microsoft Excel® or in PDF format.

Set your own user access rights through the “Administration” tab.

The only requirement to access VantagePoint is Internet Explorer 8.0 and a user account.

VantagePoint is maintained on a server managed solely by Forte International Tax, LLC. It is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

VantagePoint is accessed on a web-based platform. All updates are completed automatically on a regular basis. We are also proactive in updating data based on tax law changes, so your data is always current.

Because technology and the tax industry are always changing, you can expect new releases on a regular basis to ensure peak performance and efficiency.