Forte’s focus is specifically on those areas of international taxation that have the greatest impact on U.S.-based multinationals and exporters.

Forte's services involve a high degree of quantitative analysis supported by VantagePoint, its proprietary software platform.

Forte has a customized approach utilizing VantagePoint that ranges from consulting engagements to a full license of the software. 

Global Intangible Income

Analyze, adjust and document your allocation and apportionment methodologies,  the limiting factor of GILTI and FDII.

Transfer Pricing,

Analyze the impact of intercompany transactions to support global transfer pricing documentation.

Foreign Earnings
& Profits

Determine foreign earnings and profits, subpart income, tested income, QBAI, GILTI and deemed paid foreign tax credits.

Export Incentive

Integrate and optimize IC-DISC and FDII computations for closely held C-Corporations and more.

Tax Credit

Calculate the complex computations underlying the full utilization of foreign tax credits, including the GILTI and Branch Income baskets.

Global Tax

Calculate the impact of planning, forecasting, optimization and compliance scenarios, on the global ETR.

Events & Insights

Forte combines international tax expertise in conjunction with the most advanced, versatile, and powerful global tax software tool in the industry.

Forte focuses specifically on those areas of international taxation that have the greatest impact on U.S.-based multinationals and exporters.

VantagePoint™ provides a centralized data hub, which helps companies manage their global tax position throughout the year.