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Unique modeling capabilities are housed within VantagePoint™ Global Tax Software. You can run any number of what-of scenarios to plan and calculations are automatically populated into compliance forms, ready to be reviewed and e-filed.

If your company would be interested in arranging an informational session followed by a customized modeling session using your own information, please use the link below to schedule a follow-up discussion.

Expires January 2023.

Webinar Spotlight:
GloBE Meets GILTI: Pillar II Update

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Integrated Modeling including GILTI, FDII, FTC and a look at Pillar Two

We are pleased to offer thought leadership at a time when international tax is more complicated than ever.

Join our upcoming International Tax Update: Repatriation & the APB23 Assertion providing up to 1 CPE Credit.  We will also include a special Pillar II preview in this webinar.  

– Repatriation Analysis – Post TCJA
– APB23 – Indefinite Reversal Criterion
– VantagePoint™ Case Study

Learning Objectives
1. The participants will understand the impact of repatriating foreign earnings in the Post-TCJA environment including IRC Section 245A and accounting for distributions of previously taxed earnings and profits (PTEP).
2. The participants will have a fundamental understanding of the indefinite reversal criterion of APB23.
3. The participants will understanding the impact of foreign withholding taxes and other foreign income taxes that may be imposed on dividend distributions.
4. The participants will understand how foreign exchange gains and losses result from PTEP distributions.

Program Field of Study: Taxes
Program Level: Intermediate
# of CPE credits: Up to One (1)

Refunds: Due to this program being offered free of charge, there will be no refunds issued.

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