We focus on global tax optimization, combining expert tax analysis with our proprietary software platform to deliver reliable results and sustained tax savings.

Our Services

Forte International Tax assists U.S. and foreign-based companies in navigating the turbulent and complex world of international taxation, minimizing their worldwide tax burden while supporting their global business goals. Our international tax professionals provide sound tax planning advice and innovative solutions to public and private clients of all sizes.

We offer a full range of international tax services, and understand that business objectives drive tax planning. Our services range from basic data compilation and integration to highly technical tax analysis of complex business changes.

Transition Tax

Maximize the utilization of FTC and DPAD and more amidst the TCJA transition tax on foreign deferred income for 2017.

Global Intangible Income

All CFCs’ income and assets must be tested for GILTI/Subpart F inclusions, while FDII provides a valuable U.S. export incentive.


Following G20/OECD BEPS, governments continue to focus on transfer pricing and the TCJA imposes the BEAT.


The FDII deduction effectively reduces corporate tax to 13.125%, while the IC-DISC continues to help U.S. exports of all sizes.

Our Software

Unlike traditional compliance software, VantagePoint focuses primarily on global tax optimization, achieving superior overall results.