Unlike traditional compliance software, VantagePoint focuses primarily on global tax optimization, achieving superior overall results.
The interdependence of the GILTI, FDII and Foreign Tax Credit calculations, together with a heightened focus on base erosion and transfer pricing, requires a far more sophisticated tool that is capable of adapting to a dynamic global tax environment.
VantagePoint provides a centralized data hub that simultaneously integrates transfer pricing analytics and comprehensive international tax calculations.

The result is global tax efficiency.

Recalculate GILTI, FDII, Subpart F, Tested Income and FTC with a Single Push of a Button.

Simply perform “what-if” analysis on any number of alternative scenarios.

Benefit from unlimited system access throughout the implementation process.

Client-Driven Customized Service

We customize our service level to meet each client’s specific objectives. Some clients simply license our software and run independently after their initial implementation and training. Other clients prefer for us to produce the desired deliverable on a turnkey basis. Yet others have us to do most of the heavy lifting relating to specific deliverables, but want full access to VantagePoint for ad hoc planning and reporting.
  • Global Intangible Income
  • Foreign Earnings & Profits
  • Foreign Tax Credit
  • Transfer Pricing, BEPS & BEAT
  • DPAD
  • Tax Forms
  • Global Tax Analytics


Only VantagePoint offers this level of integration and the team is very responsive to meeting our needs.


Modeling your own information in VantagePoint is the best way for us to demonstrate its value.

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